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  • Tsugaru

    Land of Vivid Nature and Tradition

    Located at the north edge of Japan's mainland, Tsugaru is a place where abundant nature and unique culture enrich each other. From skiing on powder snow in winter to canyoning in summer, the harsh but majestic nature will leave you lasting impressions, while the culture that has been nurtured in such environment has developed into something powerful and unique—emotional music, sophisticated crafts and unforgettable festivals. Discover the finest jewel of Tohoku—full of wonder all seasons.
  • Tsugaru Tourism Map by Mori-no-Akari

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  • Shirakami Sanchi (Mountain Range)

    Shirakami Mountain Range (白神山地)is a World Heritage site situated in north of Mori-No-Akari. It is a nature reserve that is renowned both for striking beauty and ecological importance.

  • Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center

    Address: Kanda-61-1 Tashiro, Nishimeya, Nakatsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture 036-1411

  • Hirosaki Castle

    Built in 1611, Hirosaki Castle is famous for its beauty, listed as one of "Seven Famous Castles in Japan" by a renowned history writer Ryotaro Shiba. The castle is known as a cherry blossom site as well.

  • Hirosaki Castle

    Address: 1 Shimoshiroganecho, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture 036-8356

  • Rice Field Art

    Can you believe it's entirely made of rice field? Discover nature-grown, unique work of art produced by rice! Crops are planted minutely according to pre-designed plan, to grow into amazing rice field art that features different theme every year.

  • Rice Field Art

    Address: Nakatsuji 123-1 Inakadate, Minamitsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture, 038-1113

    Tel: 0172-582-111



  • Omoshie School

    Omoshie School opened in 2009 after the building that used to be the Elementary School of Kuroishi Okawara was closed in 2006. Carefully preserving the old- fashioned wooden school building we reopened the new school aiming to make it a fun place for the visitors.
    All year long and on regular basis we hold workshops such as Magonai Atsushi’s crayon painter atelier (weekly at Soba Dojo) and trekking courses taught by professional hiking guide Yone Chan who is certified by JFMGA.

  • Omoshie School

    Address: 47, Kadojiri, Ookawara, Kuroishi, Aomori Prefecture, 036-0401
    Tel: 0172-54-2505

  • Tsugaru Traditional Craft Center

    Built in the arcade-style of central Kuroishi City's Komise-Dori street, the Tsugaru Traditional Craft Center has a variety of things for visitors to do. Guests will find the workshops for a number of traditional Tsugaru-region crafts, including Tsugaru lacquerware, and a restaurant where local cuisine can be tasted. There are also several large shops, and a free foot bath for guests to use.

  • Tsugaru Traditional Craft Center

    Address: Tomiyama-65-1 Fukuro, Kuroishi, Aomori Prefecture 036-0412

  • Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum

    Tsugaru Kokeshi (wooden dolls) have a history dating back to the early Taisho Era (1912-1926), when they were made and disseminated by craftsman Hidetaro Mori. In the museum you'll find a variety of items on display that encapsulate this fascinating history and tradition, and will charm guests of all ages. The museum is also home to Japan's largest Jumbo Kokeshi.

  • Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum

    Address: 72-1 Tomiyama, Fukuro-aza, Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture
    Tel: 0172-54-8181

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